Top Help Desk Outsourcing Benefits for Your Customers

Dimension Data reports that 84% of companies working to improve their customer experience saw increased revenue. At the same time, Deloitte reveals that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers.

The phrase “customer comes first” may be overused, but the sentiment has stood the test of time for a reason. Improve your customers’ experiences and boost your business’s profitability. The statistics prove it. 

But how can you improve a customer’s experience of your business? 

A help desk plays a key role in the customer experience, and the help desk market is only growing. Transparency Market Research reports that the help desk software solutions market is expected to reach $11 billion by 2023. 

That figure is unsurprising when you consider the benefits of a help desk and the part it plays in an organisation’s customer service and revenue. Still, the reality is that unless you sell help desk software, you may struggle to provide a high standard of help desk support that will ultimately improve your customers’ experience.

In this article, we will dive into help desk outsourcing benefits. 

Suppose your business currently relies on something other than a managed service provider for your help desk. This article will cover why you should consider outsourcing your help desk to improve your customers’ experiences.

What Is a Help Desk?

Understanding the benefits of a helpdesk

A help desk is a tool that organises customer communication to help your business respond to customers and support them more quickly and effectively. 

When you use a help desk, you can offer your customers the best possible service experience – which, in turn, builds customer loyalty, improves your employees’ workflows, and ultimately drives profitability.  

Helpdesk software is used across various industries worldwide. Information technology (IT), software development, healthcare, and logistics-based companies have also realised their positive impact. In fact, Zendesk reports that self-service help desk adoption grew by 103% between 2016 and 2020.

Fast response time

Outsourcing Benefit #1: Lightning-Fast Response Times

Customers expect quick responses to inquiries and problems. When they don’t receive them, they become frustrated and may even look elsewhere for their needs. 

A fast response time helps to build customer loyalty and trust. It is essential to creating a positive customer experience. Pega reveals that quick resolution of issues or questions was the most important aspect of customer service for 59% of its survey respondents. 

Outsourcing your help desk service can help you achieve fast response times. Instead of relying on your in-house team to resolve customer issues, a managed service provider will take care of that and prioritise your customers. 

Dedicated support”

Outsourcing Benefit #2: Dedicated Support

As your organisation grows, your capacity to care for your customers and offer an optimal experience must also increase. 

Suppose your team struggles to tend to customers’ questions and complaints. In that case, those existing customers will become frustrated with your company, and new customers will be unlikely to choose you because they can’t receive the proper support.

Outsource your help desk, and scalability becomes possible. You won’t have to turn away new customers or make your existing customers suffer. 

specialised support

Outsourcing Benefit #3: Specialised Support

Outsourcing your help desk to a trusted partner can lower obstacles between the issue facing your customers and the resolution of that issue. A help desk instantly connects your customers with specialists whose job it is to solve their problems. 

Additionally, an outsourcing partner can give your customers access to more resources and specialised services that may only be available in some places. 

This can help customers get the most out of your products and services, increasing customer satisfaction.

available support

Outsourcing Benefit #4:
Readily Available Support

A readily available, 24/7 support system for customers via a help desk is essential for any business. It allows customers to get their questions answered quickly and easily and provides a customer service experience that is efficient and satisfying. 

Additionally, having a help desk can help businesses build a good reputation and improve customer loyalty, as customers feel more confident engaging with a business that has a help desk.

Outsourcing Benefit #5: Actionable Insights

A help desk gathers customer data, providing invaluable insights into their behaviour, preferences, and challenges. You can use this data to identify your customers’ pain points and areas where customers may be struggling with your product or service and utilise the data to influence the development of relevant solutions. 

Armed with these insights, you can take action to tailor the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Why Outsource Your Help Desk to a Managed Service Provider?

At solverASSIST, we build tailor-made help desk support models to meet the specific needs of your business. Our approach brings you the right combination of people, processes and technology while fully complying with the ITIL service management framework.

If you’re looking for a managed service provider enabling you to focus on creating products (instead of supporting them), reduce your non-core activities, and deliver best-in-class support that reflects well on your business and keeps your customers happy, consider our team.

The following are several reasons to outsource your help desk to solverASSIST’s experts:

  • Easy access to experts. 
  • Customised, personalised solutions and services. 
  • Constant innovation and optimisation. 
  • We bring intelligence to your customer touchpoints.