Transform Your Company With solverASSIST’s Help Desk Customer Service

Hubspot reports that an overwhelming 91% of customer service teams agree that a help desk system increases productivity. Hubspot also reveals that 60% of high-growth customer service teams use a help desk, which is higher than slower-growing teams. These statistics probably don’t surprise you. After all, how convenient is it when you’re using software or a product, face a technical error and can get it resolved by experts within a few minutes? Essentially, that is the benefit a help desk offers to your customers and employees. 

The help desk is crucial for effective customer service today as it enables organisations to scale and better serve their customers and employees. 

solverASSIST offers a service desk and a help desk to promptly resolve your employees’ or customers’ user issues and technical issues. In addition, our escalation management solution is available when issues must be replied to within a certain time frame or managed by certain team members. 

What is The Difference Between a Help Desk and a Service Desk?

The key difference between a help desk and a service desk is that a help desk focuses solely on helping the end-user by quickly troubleshooting and resolving the issue they’re facing; it’s also a service desk component. 

A help desk’s functions include:

  • Providing instant assistance to end-users, often via a single channel (such as email). 
  • Adopting a reactive approach to fixing issues. 
  • Tracking and managing tickets for service representatives. 
  • Helping users to reset their passwords. 

In contrast, a service desk’s purpose is more holistic. A service desk encompasses the business’s needs, considers the business’s goals, and aims to optimise the business’s internal processes. 

A service desk’s functions include:

  • Serving as the single point of contact between the IT department and business for IT communications. 
  • Handling IT service requests. 
  • Managing the incident management process (support, resolution, reporting, and logging). 
  • Monitoring the IT infrastructure. 
  • Managing metrics and monitoring reporting.
  • Automating employee onboarding. 

What are the Similarities Between a Help Desk and a Service Desk?

A help desk is a component of the service desk. It’s highly likely that any service desk model will include help desk functionality, as both work together to support internal teams and customers.

Modernise your Service Desk, while Refocusing your IT Teams

Do I Need a Help Desk or a Service Desk for Customer Service?

It depends on your business model and the size of your organisation. A service desk may not be necessary if you have a small business; a help desk can adequately provide the immediate IT support you need.  

However, a service desk could be more suitable for your needs if you’re running a large organisation, dealing with a high volume of customer queries, and need comprehensive IT support services that encompass your business strategy and organisational-wide processes.

Ultimately, both a service desk and a help desk play an integral part in levelling up your customer service, which, in turn, helps your business succeed. In fact, Zendesk reports that 81% of consumers say a positive customer service experience increases the chance they’ll make another purchase. To offer a positive customer service experience, you can’t go wrong with a service desk and a help desk. 

The Benefits of solverASSIST’s Help Desk and Service Desk for Customer Service

solverASSIST builds service desk models inclusive of a help desk that promptly resolve your employees’ or customers’ technical issues while interacting with your product or software. Our approach combines people, processes and technology to offer you high-quality services that boost your operational efficiency, accelerate growth, and streamline your processes, so employees and customers enjoy a good experience with your business. 

Additional benefits of sovlerASSIST’s service desk and help desk include the following: 

  • Tailor-made for your specific needs. We know that one size does not fit all. Thus, solverASSIST can build service desk support models to meet your business’s specific requirements, so you’re guaranteed the right solution for your specific challenge.
  • Assurance of compliance. Rest assured, solverASSIST’s connected workflow solutions and technology fully comply with the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service management framework.
  • Readily available expertise. It’s not every day that your customer and employees’ user and technical issues are resolved by IT specialists. In fact, your employees can deal directly with our team, who are experts in their specific fields.
  • Saves time. As the saying goes, time is money. If you want your business to be profitable, you need to make the most of every minute, which extends to your customer service. solverASSIST’s service desk and help desk automates repetitive tasks such as assigning tickets to a customer’s query or assigning staff to manage a specific request. This is achieved through advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    The end result: your customers’ issues are resolved quicker and easier, and your team is more productive.

  • Actionable data. A significant benefit of a service desk and help desk is the data it gathers. Armed with data on customer experiences, queries, complaints, and behaviours, your business can make stronger, more informed decisions to drive revenue and give customers exactly what they want while reducing pain points.

The Benefits of solverASSIST’s Escalation Management

Sometimes, technical issues can take longer than expected. Naturally, this exacerbates a customer’s frustration and impatience and can even convince them to permanently leave your products and business. In a situation like this, these issues need to be handled professionally to avoid frustrating customers. In addition, it’s crucial to ensure seamless collaboration with all stakeholders in such situations - before the situation gets out of hand. 

solverASSIST’s escalation management solution (Major Incident Management including vendor collaboration by incident ownership method) is a component of our service desk and the ideal solution for when issues must be replied to within a certain time frame or must be managed by certain team members. 

Our escalation management's benefits include: 

  • Easily resolve issues. We offer workflow features that can be customised and automated for easy handling of escalations and promptly resolving the issue your customers or employees are facing, thus keeping everyone happy and avoiding an unpleasant user experience. 
  • Bespoke models. We create bespoke escalation management models to meet the specific needs of your business. You can rest assured you are receiving the right solution for your unique needs.

solverASSIST’s help desk offering aims to empower your IT team and effectively address customer and employee concerns, alleviating stress and minimising unforeseen obstacles. 

Whether your organisation is big or small, customer service can make or break your success. Hubspot reveals that 68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products/ services from a brand that’s known for good customer service. In addition, a Broadridge survey showed that 83% of respondents would consider switching brands if there was potential for better customer experience elsewhere. These statistics highlight the urgency of improving your customer service. How will you attract and retain customers, and how will you grow your business if you don't? 

We understand these pressures. Our solutions can help you to:  

  • Reduces costs. With solverASSIST’s help desk, you don’t need to spend a fortune on additional customer service staff and resources. Our help desk and escalation management solutions automatically take care of all critical issues, so you don’t need to spend unnecessarily.
  • Improve customer experiences. solverASSIST can resolve your IT errors before your customer is notified, so they don’t need to experience any frustration or disruption; an artificial intelligence development and operations (AIOps) solution can identify a network or outage problem in real-time and uses automation to identify the error and fix it.

    In addition, this improves the incident response time and increases performance efficiency, thereby improving your customer’s experience.

  • Support innovation. Organisations today are adopting newer software and technologies to increase efficiency, and as a result, their IT infrastructure has become more complex.solverASSIST’s automated help desk helps your organisation and IT infrastructure to keep pace. Our help desk enhances traditional IT service management (ITSM) and IT operations management (ITOM) by automating key components of their process.

Harness Our Help Desk to Transform Your Customer Service

solverASSIST’s mission is to deliver a seamless support experience to our customers by handling each reported issue or requested service with efficiency and experience while preventing the next issue. 

Reach out to us to transform your company’s customer service with our humble help desk.