What Are BPO Services?

BPO Center of Excellence

solverASSIST is a premium provider of bespoke digitised service solutions; our BPO Centre of Excellence offers tailored strategies for business process outsourcing (BPO) services to fit your specific business process needs and data support requirements. Our BPO services and products focus primarily on the logistics domain to ensure the consistent quality of your business's transportation services. 

We have ample experience across various industries; this means we possess an in-depth understanding of the processes and data support needs that companies operating in the logistics industry require. We can confidently apply our knowledge and experience to help you optimise your assets, boost your bottom line and remain competitive in your respective markets.

What Is Outsourced BPO?

Outsourced BPO, otherwise known as business process outsourcing (BPO), is delegating IT-intensive business processes to a third-party vendor or specialised service provider. The role of this third-party partner involves running, managing, administrating and regulating these processes based on predefined and measurable performance metrics. BPO offerings typically fall into two primary categories; horizontal and vertical. 

Businesses can leverage horizontal offerings across specific industries, while vertical offerings require industry-specific vertical process knowledge. As a B2B IT & ITeS service provider, solverASSIST offers custom plug-and-play service solutions that allow a seamless transition to outsourcing so businesses can reap the benefits faster. Companies looking to outsource their business processes to a trusted service partner can rely on solverASSIST to effectively manage their IT infrastructure and ensure maximum operational efficiency.

What Industries Can Benefit from solverASSIST BPO?

As a bespoke technology services company, we embrace the ITIL V4 best-in-class practices to seamlessly provide tailored IT & ITeS services solutions to companies needing technical support. At solverASSIST, our primary focus is on shipping and logistics in the maritime industry; however, we also extend our offering to other industries such as transportation, technology, life sciences and healthcare. Regardless of your industry or current legacy systems, solverASSIST has a deeper domain understanding of the industries we service combined with extensive experience and technical expertise. We can comfortably cater to your business's technology requirements and provide significant benefits from several BPO services.

What BPO Services Does solverASSIST Provide?

solverASSIST provides businesses with various BPO services to suit their technological and operational needs. Some of our primary BPO services include asset management support, data analytics support, financial process support, robotic process automation, and logistics and data support.

Logistics Process and Data Support

Logistic process and data support are one of the BPO services solverASSIST provides; this service centres around end-to-to-end logistics processes and related data services. Some of these services include

  • Booking
  • Contracts
  • Documentation
  • Invoicing 
  • Operations 
  • Quotes
  • Scheduling
  • Tenders

Partnering with solverASSIST can ensure consistent quality on all transportation and logistics; this will boost business efficiency, improve service quality and delivery time, and help your business generate and retain strong customer confidence over time. 

Asset Management Support

Asset management support is one of the BPO services solverASSIST provides; this service centres around optimising your business assets. Some of these include

  • Logistics and transportation data (sea, land, air)
  • Fleet 
  • Dry doc
  • Stowage planning
  • Crew planning

Partnering with solverASSIST will ensure the efficient management of your assets and related data services to significantly reduce your business costs through optimising both the capacity and utilisation of your assets. Optimisation of your assets will substantially increase your bottom line and boost business productivity and service delivery.

Financial Process Support

Financial process support is one of the BPO services solverASSIST provides; this service centres around providing your business's financial applications with rich and accurate data to ensure their corresponding processes run smoothly and efficiently. Some of these economic processes include: 

  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable Management 
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Assets Management 
  • Treasury and Banking Management
  • Budget Management and Reporting
  • Inter-Division Accounting Management

We have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the inner workings of financial systems, various custom financial platforms and the related business intricacies and specialised knowledge to keep your financial data running smoothly. Partnering with solverASSIST will ensure you receive accurate financial data that significantly improve your reporting and financial decision-making for your business.

Data Analytics Support

Data analytics support is one of the BPO services solverASSIST provides; this service centres around delivering comprehensive support to ensure Business Intelligence (BI) systems run efficiently and generate accurate data analytics. Some of the support services include

Data analytics processing_1

Data analytics processing

Data cleaning_1

Data cleaning

Data mining_1

Data mining

Data conversion_1

Data conversion

At solverASSIST, we also build Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to enhance your data analytics processes further. Partnering with solverASSIST will ensure you have accurate data analytics, which you can convert into actionable insights. With our support, you can utilise these data insights to reinforce and improve the decision-making process for your business to pave the way for further growth and advancement.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) underlines all of the BPO services solverASSIST provides; we build our customer service models tailored to your specific business requirements using RPA and AI. The combination of RPA and AI becomes Intelligent Automation (IA), and we apply these technologies to our RPA tools to significantly bolster your bottom line and back-office systems. 

Partnering with solverASSIST will enhance your business processes and dramatically reduce turnaround time; this support will stimulate long-term growth in your business and ensure boosted customer satisfaction and confidence in your products and services.


Benefits of BPO Services

When it comes to outsourcing your BPO services, partnering with a trusted IT and ITeS service partner like solverASSIST can provide your business with various benefits. Some of these benefits include:


One of the primary benefits of partnering with solverASSIST is that it will allow you to save significantly on business costs. When typically outsourcing your BPO services, significant overheads go towards hiring, training and onboarding new employees; this is a costly and time-consuming process. Many companies will struggle to balance current employees feeling overworked and the cost of hiring new employees to mitigate these circumstances. Outsourcing your BPO services to solverASSIST will drastically reduce costs on office space, equipment, materials and resources as we remain an affordable and efficient service provider.


Another benefit of partnering with solverASSIST is that it will allow you to save significantly on time. Average employees typically spend over half their work week dealing with repetitive tasks, but outsourcing your BPO services to solverASSIST will free up significant amounts of time you can better spend on other priority areas in your business. This freedom will allow you to fully utilise your employees' knowledge, skill and experience and considerably boost workplace efficiency.

Boosted Efficiency

One of the other benefits of partnering with solverASSIST is that it will allow you to boost business efficiency dramatically. Outsourcing your BPO services will streamline non-core business functions and save your company time, money, resources and energy to optimise internal processes and reinforce productivity in your business.

Greater Focus on Core Business Functions

Another benefit of partnering with solverASSIST is that it affords you greater focus on core business functions. Outsourcing your BPO services to solverASSIST will leave the responsibility of repetitive tasks in our capable hands allowing you to focus on core functions like your business vision and strategies for long-term growth and sustainability.

Specialised Expertise

The final benefit of partnering with solverASSIST is that it will provide your business with highly skilled experts, advanced technology and specialised resources. You will not waste time and money trying to train your employees as our experts have in-depth knowledge, technical expertise and understanding of all the ins and outs of your business processes.You can rely on our capable team to fulfil your company’s needs while you and your employees handle core business functions.

Why Choose solverASSIST as Your Partner for BPO Services

Many businesses that outsource their BPO services to larger companies or run an in-house setup find they feel overwhelmed as labour arbitrage is no longer relevant. The resulting increase in the cost of services means businesses pay a premium fee for which they often do not receive personalised attention. 

Furthermore, businesses also experience disappointment as the cost of transition significantly outweighs the benefits, and companies that utilise legacy systems experience numerous difficulties that require multiple fixes. Fortunately, solverASSIST is here to fulfil the role of the trusted IT and ITeS service partner that your business needs to thrive. We work closely with you to co-create personalised service solutions tailored to your business needs. 

Our custom plug-and-play service models allow for a seamless transition so you can reap their benefits as soon as possible to ensure your clients remain satisfied and loyal. solverASSIST also provides Fast Fix Service Solutions that significantly reduce operational downtime should an issue arise. 

Do you want to dramatically increase the profitability of your business by outsourcing your BPO services to a trusted IT and ITeS service partner? Contact solverASSIST today and let us help you realise your business ambitions.