What you'll love about us

We are a B2B IT & ITeS service provider. The benefits we offer our customers are:


Service Model

As a B2B IT & ITeS service provider, we offer personalized and tailored service models which include exclusive, customized and dedicated services.

Businesses that have outsourced their IT/ ITeS to larger BPOs or are running their own in-house set up are often overwhelmed as they do not get personalized attention or, in some instances, have to pay premium amounts for it. Our tailored service solutions provide personal attention and co-create customized services that they wish to offer to their clients

We offer plug and play service models which allow businesses to transition to outsourcing seamlessly as well as realize the benefits they envisioned faster.

Businesses who would like to outsource IT/ ITeS services are often disappointed because the transition costs are larger than the benefits. Our plug and play service models help businesses to achieve transition and realize benefits in half the time.



We offer digitized service solutions, which enables businesses to achieve an efficiency of a minimum of 8% YOY.

Today’s businesses who have outsourced their IT/ ITeS to larger BPOs or are running their own in-house setup, are overwhelmed because labor arbitrage is no longer relevant and the cost to service has phenomenally increased. Our digitized service solutions aim to standardize and digitize services gravitating towards technology automation, enabling self-service.

We offer Fast Fix Service Solutions, preventing businesses from being stuck in the present and rather being able to look to the future.

Businesses with legacy systems are often overwhelmed with the number of problems that need fixing, and outsourcing takes longer than expected, which makes the business case unviable. Our Ship and Fix service solutions aim to take the process as-is to run the business for today, while in parallel developing future service models which are standardized and digitized to ensure efficiency.