5 Perks of Plug and Play IT service Solutions

In an age of rapid technological advancement, solverASSIST illustrates why custom IT service solutions are the way forward.

Technology has created a competitive and dynamic environment where having unique strategies and tools gives you an edge over your competitors. In a world where business is growing rapidly and employees require continuous connectivity and access to current software, custom IT service solutions, also known as plug-and-play IT (information technology) and ITeS (information technology-enabled services) solutions, can be vital to your success.

IT Solutions Vs ITeS: What Is The Difference?

In the twenty-first century, there is very little that any business does that does not involve IT. From enabling communication between teams and clients to space in the cloud, in both essential and niche software and applications, IT is everywhere and it continues to evolve. 

IT solutions are the services that cater to the maintenance of a business’s IT infrastructure, security, updates and more. In short, IT solutions are the services that keep your business running smoothly, or, in other words, ‘keep the lights on’ in a sense by:

  • Maintaining the current software and IT structure
  • Supporting existing technology 
  • Increasing the technology landscape

While closely linked, ITeS relates to more finite support services and solutions, such as specific software support, BPO, contact centres, and so on.

With infrastructure, technology and software rapidly evolving, IT maintenance as well as the agility to scale up and down is essential.

What Are Plug And Play IT Service Solutions?

Plug and play IT service solutions are ready-to-use service solutions. This allows businesses to adopt new processes and solutions much faster, with more seamless integration. 

Most IT and ITeS service providers, like solverASSIST, provide the following: 

  • Developed and tested service models. These off-the-shelf, plug-and-play solutions can be quickly integrated into our clients’ businesses.
  • Standard IT services. A range of standard IT services can also be selected and integrated into the client’s IT solutions. 
  • A fully outsourced model. In this instance, a business can choose a provider or vendor who can control its IT needs and requirements completely.

While every service and model has its place, several benefits or perks come with plug-and-play IT service solutions.

Perks Of Plug And Play IT Service Solutions

Plug and play IT service solutions are a cost-effective and efficient way to streamline your business operations, and the perks that they bring are numerous. As a smart and developed model, plug-and-play IT and ITeS service solutions give you not only greater flexibility but also reliability with easier access for both your employees and clients. 

Among all software development projects in the world, 86% are Enterprise Applications. – Forbes

Perk 1: Improves Business Processes

Plug and play is a means of delivery that allows for easier adaption while improving the business model through standardisation, digitisation and automation. This not only means the Service can be integrated faster but also when an issue arises it can be fixed much faster, this helps businesses to scale up and grow much faster with innovation and adoption of new technologies.

ITeS plug-and-play service solutions are especially beneficial here as they include a variety of IT-intensive procedures and services, such as business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), which can be delivered over telecom networks from service providers at a remote location. solverASSIST’s ITeS plug-and-play offerings include:

  • Personalised customer interaction services, such as call centre facilities with suitable telecom infrastructures, trained consultants, access to necessary databases and other online information infrastructures to deliver information and excellent customer support to your customers.
  • Business process and information processing can be done much more efficiently for all core business process functions, and also support functions like finance and HR. 

One of the added perks of going with a reputable and experienced plug-and-play IT service solutions provider like solverASSIST is that our range of services is often everything a client needs. This makes us the perfect one-stop-shop partner.

Perk 2: Easy To Adopt

Employees, especially those who work remotely are sometimes required to juggle many obligations at the same time. They have projects and responsibilities to fulfil at any given time, and more often than not, do not have the time to learn new or updated software. As a result, employees may take a long time to adopt new technology platforms, which has a negative impact on productivity and efficiency. Plug and play IT and ITeS services make these software processes and adoptions considerably easier by handling transitions, software updates and maintenance on an ongoing process.

Working remotely has enhanced productivity for 59% of software teams. – ClassicInformatics

Additional benefits include:

  • Seamlessness. As a ready-made solution, all that is needed will be integrated into the service solution of the current IT services.
  • Scalability. Plug and play make it possible for businesses like yours to scale up much easier and faster as all you need to do is source a vendor who will integrate the services.
  • Industry-specificity. These solutions can be adapted to suit the needs of the specific business/industry as vendors like solverASSIST provide a combination of Industry and technology service specialists.

Perk 3: Supports Business Longevity

Plug-and-play service solutions often improve the pace of corporate operations as well as customer experience and general productivity. In the long run, vendors like solverASSIST can drastically reduce wasted time and increase efficiency and client retention, all of which are critical to a business’s longevity. 

A company’s flexibility can be increased through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which is part of ITeS. With the majority of ITeS suppliers’ services supplied on a fee-for-service basis, businesses like yours are able to transition from an internal, fixed cost structure to a variable cost structure.

Perk 4: Boosts Cost Efficiency

With a vendor who offers plug-and-play services and solutions allowing businesses to maintain and increase their speed and agility, there is more time for businesses like yours to do what they do best. From operating smoothly to innovating, vendors boost cost efficiency in businesses by maintaining and improving applications and technical support. 

Additionally, having one vendor to fill one or more services reduces the capital needed for internal personnel, training and equipment.

Perk 5: Streamlines Daily Tasks

Plug and play service and solution vendors make it their priority to provide their customers with software solutions that suit their needs and streamline operations. 

Horizontally integrated plug-and-play systems have consistently shown to be more responsive to customer requirements and company trends while still delivering high-quality, cost-effective products and services. This horizontal integration plug-and-play strategy solverASSIST implements provides:

Excellent Quality

Rapid Development

The ability to meet organisational and human capital demands quickly

Trusted custom business software solutions providers like solverASSIST use decades of experience and knowledge to ensure that your business software, application and other service needs are met so that day-to-day operations of your business are streamlined and optimised wherever possible. 

While the justifications that support the adoption of IT and ITeS plugs and play solutions promote organisational flexibility and efficiency, management should exercise caution while outsourcing to vendors who provide the service. It is vital to choose a vendor who is both established and reputable, who is willing to gain a comprehensive understanding of what services you need and who offers the solutions and services that can help your business succeed. 

Are you ready to learn more about solverASSIST’s plug-and-play solutions and the impact they can have on your business?

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