Why You Need Personalised IT Services and ITeS Solutions

Rendering personalised IT and ITeS services and solutions crucial is one of the first steps a business can take to ensure innovation. IT services and ITeS solutions service providers maintain and optimise your business software and systems, allowing you the time to do what you do best.

Imagine that you are in charge of a ship. While it was once the pinnacle of technology and safety, it has gotten along in years and is now dated. The ship has many complications and is both dangerous and inefficient. These conditions need to be improved while simultaneously ensuring that every other aspect of the ship is well-maintained and that it is still operational. You, of course, have a very competent crew but they have other responsibilities. Your team’s constant concern over the state of the ship as well as disruptions on board is reducing productivity as well as innovation. 

What do you do? You will most likely employ a trusted expert to maintain, rectify and improve your vessel. This will not only free up time and potential but also ensure that your ship is safer and more efficient.

Technology in the IT sector is rapidly growing, and, with it, challenges too. The diversity of IT systems, combined with the actual day-to-day running of a business can seem overwhelming at best. Fortunately, IT services and ITeS solutions providers, such as solverASSIST, act as trusted vessel experts to your business. Vendors like solverASSIST are dedicated to providing businesses with the personalised IT and ITeS support that they need to not only run more efficiently, but innovate and excel as well.

Personalized IT services and ITeS solutions for your business are critical to your business’s innovation, and in most instances, its survival.”

Hariharan KP, Business Transformation Leader at solverASSIST

With systems’ challenges such as the inability to scale up systems efficiently or incorporate newer technology making the running of your business more labour-intensive and time consuming as your business grows and technology expands, a trusted vendor can provide you with the support you need.

What Are Personalised IT Services And Solutions?

Personalised IT services and solutions are tailored to suit the needs of a specific business. While organisations may use the same products, different businesses may use those products in unique ways. 

A competent IT and ITeS provider will prioritise business efficiencies as well as improve their client’s customer experiences. Like an expert vetting a ship, an IT services provider will identify what a specific IT service solutions needs, with a focus on:

  • Maintaining the current software and IT structure
  • Support existing technology 
  • Increasing the technology landscape

These services “keep the lights on” in a business, while reducing downtime and improving business performance. In short, the main goal of any IT services vendor is to holistically maintain and optimise their client’s software and processes, while providing them with personalised and dedicated support services.

What Are Personalised IT Enabled Services (ITeS)?

ITeS, or IT enabled services, leans more towards processes. ITeS providers like solverASSIST provide bespoke solutions to business processes. These solutions can range from demonstrating how to use systems more efficiently to identifying and rectifying ineffective processes or touch points that may have a negative impact on the business’s customer experience or introducing and supporting process automation. 

Like IT support services and solutions, IT enabled services allow businesses to focus on improving and innovating their own offerings, all the while ensuring that their current systems and processes are maintained and enhanced.

The primary reasons businesses outsource their IT and ITeS solutions are to a) maintain their current systems and b) have the freedom to innovate and expand their digital reach.

Hariharan KP, Business Transformation Leader at solverASSIST

Personalised IT services and ITeS solutions providers like solverASSIST offer companies a holistic and comprehensive approach to software and services that optimise both the efficiency and potential of a business. 

A comprehensive IT service and ITeS services solutions generally include the following:

  • IT Consulting:  IT consulting (also called technology consulting) is an advisory service that guides clients on using information technology (IT) and digital assets to evaluate and optimise their business processes. 
  • System and Process Optimization: While applications and systems may be universal, the way that each business uses them varies considerably. IT service providers like solverASSIST, help unique businesses like yours to put systems and processes in place that save time and increase efficiency. Our stringent processes, paired with our experience, allows us to ensure that our clients have access to the right software as well as ongoing technical support
  • IT Product Evolution:  A ship that is not well-maintained is sure to find its way to the bottom of the ocean; to ensure that companies remain up to date with software updates and advances in technology, personalised IT and ITeS services and solutions providers like solverASSIST remain maintained as well as up to date with the latest advancements in technology, systems and processes so that your business runs smoothly and stays ahead of the rest. 

Software errors and operational failures cost US businesses $2.08 trillion in 2020.

The Consortium for Information and Software Quality 

  • IT Support:
  • A captain holds a superior position of authority, but cannot run any ship alone, not without ample support from the crew. In a similar way, IT support plays a critical role in providing personalised IT services and ITeS solutions.
    IT support technicians are adept at problem-solving, communication and are familiar with IT application support. When considering a vendor, it is essential to identify factors such as time zones and the availability of knowledgeable IT support.
  • Security and Reliability Measures: A ship sailing on the open sea is a prime target for pirates, and today businesses in every industry face ongoing security risks such as phishing, ransomware, accidental and malicious data leaks and data loss. In addition to following the GDP guidelines, solverASSIST’s two-pronged approach to security minimises risk and increases system reliability and security. With only 5% of companies securely storing their folders and predictions that cybercrime will cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, it is more critical than ever to ensure that the correct measures are in place and that guidelines are followed to safeguard your data and business. 

While it is possible to use multiple vendors to provide IT services and ITeS support, there are numerous benefits to selecting a vendor that offers ‘one-stop-shop’ solutions. At solverASSIST, our experienced consultants are able to guide and support the majority of our client’s IT and ITeS needs.

Why Your Business Needs Personalised IT Services And ITeS Solutions

As with running a ship, running any large business requires a trustworthy, experienced and committed team, and the same goes for the companies you choose to make your ‘black gang’ for IT.

Partnering with an experienced IT services and ITeS solutions provider that prioritises a deep understanding of your business needs ensures the IT support that your business needs to sail smoothly while pushing boundaries.

A recent study by IBM cited a reduction in down time of 86-88% after implementing managed IT services. Companies that offer IT services and ITeS solutions, like solverASSIST, make it their priority to know your needs and your business. This gives you access to several benefits, including:

The optimization of operational efficiencies 

Personalised IT services and ITeS solutions providers like solverASSIST allow businesses like yours to upscale, streamline, save money, become more efficient by implementing refined processes that allow businesses and their employees to work more efficiently and improve their customer’s experiences.

Access to comprehensive IT services and support

Efficient IT support significantly impacts your business operations, goals, efficiency, profitability, and longevity. In light of this, vendors like solverASSIST ensure that your business receives ongoing and optimised IT and ITeS support, by providing experienced support teams.

A competitive edge over your competitors

In today’s dynamic landscape, having a competitive edge over your competitors is important. Whether your business utilises applications and systems that use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) or other technologies, having a committed personalised IT services and ITeS solutions partner is critical to your business’s stability and technology, both of which allow you to innovate faster and more effectively.

The importance of streamlining business operations to achieve operational excellence, customer satisfaction, flexibility, and productivity in many business areas is increasing rapidly.

Reaping The Benefits Of Personalised IT And ITES Services And Solutions

Once you decide to implement personalised IT services and ITeS solutions into your business, it is vital to select a partner that best suits your business. At the end of the day, not only should you have a trusted IT and ITeS partner, but, importantly, also higher customer retention and an increase in revenue.

We recommend consulting with an organisation with established industry experience and an excellent service record. At solverASSIST, we embrace ITIL V4’s best-in-class approach to deliver seamless services to our customers. 

solverASSIST is the IT services & ITeS solutions division of Solverminds Solutions and Technologies. We offer IT and ITeS service solutions exclusive to Shipping and Logistics and as well as other selected industries. With a deeper domain understanding of shipping and logistics combined with technology expertise, we have a developed knowledge base of the specialised needs and technologies embedded into the day to day functioning of the business.

We look forward to helping you guide your ship to success.

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