Top Reasons to Outsource Liner Application Support

According to a study conducted by Deloitte in 2022, 60% of shipping companies are outsourcing or looking to outsource their non-core capabilities. There are many valid reasons to outsource non-core services for your company in 2023, as outsourcing has proven immensely beneficial within the maritime industry.

How Can Outsourcing Benefit Companies in the Maritime Industry?

The maritime industry is full of particular software programs designed to perform specific functions, and staying on top of any faults or errors that may occur can be challenging. Simultaneously, if a company experiences software issues and fails to deal with them timeously, it can hurt business operations and ROI. 

This is why it is wise to consider outsourcing support for non-core processes to deal with none core tasks smoothly and efficiently. Such tasks include

  • Freight booking administration
  • Orders fallout support
  • Customer file administration
  • Cargo claims management
  • Tracing and tracking of orders
  • Departure and arrival notification
  • Customer advisory

While these aspects of your process are essential to your business operations, they may detract from more significant core-related tasks which are vital to your company in the maritime industry. 

Outsourcing support to navigate liner application challenges can increase profit margins by significantly lowering expenditure on internal operational costs. This can help ensure that your company remains dependable and your reputation within the maritime industry remains intact.

What is Liner Application Support?

Liner application support is software and technical support targeted at helping companies in the maritime industry ensure that their container ships can run as smoothly as possible. It includes troubleshooting problems with the applications used to manage the ships, such as cargo loading and tracking, and providing technical advice and support for the various applications and systems used to manage the ship’s operations.

Liner application support can benefit the maritime industry by ensuring that ships run efficiently and comply with industry standards and regulations. It can also save time and money by reducing downtime and ensuring that applications run correctly.

What Can Liner Application Support Do for the Maritime Industry?

Liner application support can ensure that processes continue running seamlessly for the maritime and shipping industry. The necessary schedule is maintained by assisting with the following:

  • Server-based applications
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Apps purchased on the market
  • Unique apps built by the company

These applications can apply to various areas of the company, such as sales, operations, marketing, financial, maritime and business intelligence (BI)

Within the maritime industry, these applications must work 24/7, particularly because clients could be from anywhere worldwide. Reliable applications are necessary to ensure consistency, and therefore application support is necessary to maintain operations.

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing?

By outsourcing support from a reliable and experienced provider, a business can ensure the highest level of uptime, security, and performance. Outsourcing provides access to expertise in cloud technologies, which can help identify, diagnose, and fix issues quickly. Additionally, it can provide cost savings and give the business a more competitive edge with the latest technology to optimise its processes.

Reasons to Outsource Liner Application Support in 2023:

1. Save Money:

Outsourcing liner application support can help to reduce operational costs by eliminating the need to invest in expensive infrastructure and personnel. By outsourcing, maritime industry companies can reduce operational costs and save money, freeing up resources to be used elsewhere.

2. Increase Efficiency:

Working with experienced professionals can help streamline processes and ensure the application runs optimally. 

Increased efficiency can save time and resources and assist a business by allowing them to work better and faster, saving time and money. This can result in improved customer service, faster delivery of products and services, and increased profits. Additionally, increased efficiency can make a business more competitive in the marketplace, as they can offer their products and services at a lower cost.

3. Access Expertise Quickly and Easily:

By outsourcing liner application support, companies in the maritime industry can access the expertise of dedicated professionals who can provide the best possible solution for their needs. Outsourcing can access specialised, experienced personnel who can provide valuable insight and support. 

Furthermore, it saves time because you don’t need to wait for an internal team to help, as external support is available 24/7. External providers are often better equipped to respond rapidly to application issues, as they have access to the latest tools and technology.

4. Improve Business Focus:

By outsourcing application support, companies in the maritime industry can focus on their core operations and other important aspects of their business. By outsourcing, companies in the maritime industry can reduce the time in-house staff spend troubleshooting and wasting valuable time. This, in turn, can improve operational efficiency and increase job satisfaction, allowing companies to retain their employees by giving them tasks that are meaningful and relevant to their qualifications.

5. Control Your Cash Flow

Outsourcing allows companies to avoid the losses of paying regular salaries to internal employees whose services they may not always require. Instead, outsourcing application support services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. Rather than paying a fixed monthly cost, businesses must only pay for the services they use as they use them.

6. Improve Security :

Working with a trustworthy third-party provider can help to ensure that the application is secure and that data is protected.

Outsourcing can improve application and data security by allowing for a more expansive security solution. This can be achieved using multiple security vendors specialising in different security areas. This allows for a more robust security solution as each vendor can focus on their speciality while working together to provide a cohesive security solution.

Additionally, outsourcing can provide access to the latest security technologies and expertise that may not be available internally. This can help protect applications and data from the latest threats.

7. Focus on Core Processes

By outsourcing, companies in the maritime industry can focus on their core competencies and use the time and resources saved to focus on developing new products and services. 

The company can focus their time and resources on their core business while the vendor handles all day-to-day maintenance, bug fixes, and upgrades. Additionally, outsourcing application support can save the company money because it eliminates the need for in-house technical support staff and allows for more efficient use of resources.

8. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Companies in the maritime industry can improve customer satisfaction by providing better service and support. This becomes easier if non-core processes such as application support are outsourced. If companies can provide customers with more efficient and timely responses to any issues they may be having, they will immediately stand out from other businesses as reliable and organised. 

Since companies that specialise in application support are experts in the field, they are more likely to be able to provide fast and accurate solutions to customer problems. Additionally, outsourcing application support can reduce the company’s costs, allowing them to pass those savings on to customers through discounted services.

9. Improve Flexibility

Companies in the maritime industry can better manage their workload and respond quickly to changing customer needs if non-core processes are outsourced. The more adaptable a company is, the better. Increased flexibility allows the company to adjust to customer needs and preferences timeously while keeping an eye on market conditions and adjusting production levels in response to changes in demand. 

Increased flexibility can also help improve employee morale by allowing them to be more involved in decision-making and have more control over their work.

10. Increase Scalability

By outsourcing, companies in the maritime industry can better manage the workload and scale services up or down as needed. Resources for operations can quickly and easily be added or removed as necessary. Therefore, companies can meet increases or decreases in customer demand without compromising the quality of service. This helps businesses remain competitive and profitable by ensuring their operations can quickly and smoothly adjust to changing market conditions. 

Additionally, scalability can help businesses save money, as they can quickly adjust their operations to fit their budget without investing in new technology or personnel.

Navigating software issues that can arise in the maritime industry can be difficult. If a company fails to deal with them promptly, it can disrupt business operations and negatively affect their return on investment. Outsourcing support for liner applications can help reduce internal operational costs and leave companies more time and resources for their core processes. In this way, outsourcing can contribute to increased profit margins and the overall success of a company. 

Outsource Maritime Application Support in 2023

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