solverASSIST’s Different Types of Application Support

A 2022 report from Statista revealed that 80% of goods are transported by ships. Statista also reports that in the 2020 fiscal year, ports in India handled over 1.3 billion metric tons of cargo. It should come as no surprise, then, that the maritime industry is booming, and businesses all over the world are relying on ships to transport goods and serve their customers. However, this also presents several challenges. 

Companies within the maritime industry are under unprecedented pressure to meet customer demand. This is where digital applications can offer a solution, and few businesses can function without them; according to a 2022 report by Okta, on average, big organisations deploy 187 applications. However, without application support, businesses can't maintain operational efficiency and enjoy peace of mind. 

What Is Application Support?

Application support enables a business’s digital applications and processes to run smoothly. Internal and external parties would utilise application support. External parties would include customers, while internal parties refer to teams within the business.

Companies typically use application support to improve customer service, increase and streamline communication, enhance processes, resolve technical issues, and get the most out of their systems - leading companies to make more robust, well-informed decisions. 

The responsibilities of an application support team will vary depending on the business but can include the following:

  • Managing permissions to make the applications and data accessible to the relevant employees 
  • Monitoring your applications’ performance 
  • Identifying and resolving issues with your applications
  • Ensuring that your applications are up to date

What Is the Difference Between Application Support and Technical Support?

Technical support focuses on supporting the back end and middle layer of your technologies. Application support is concerned with the front end. 

For example, consider solverASSIST’s application support and technical support offering. We provide application support to keep the financial applications within your business functioning smoothly, solving issues as they arise and making the financial data readily available whenever you require it. solverASSIST’s technical support, on the other hand, manages your middleware technologies and handles all technical components of your systems, servers, and more.

Transform your Application Support
with experts who understand both
worlds - IT and business.

The Benefits of solverASSIST’s Application Support

Without application support, it is nearly impossible to make informed business decisions, gauge the efficiency of your applications, and whether they effectively manage your vessels, routes, and cargo. The following are several benefits of solverASSIST’s application support: 

  • Improve Customer Experience. Every application in your business requires support for the sake of the end user, the customer, answering queries, addressing concerns, and helping them use the application correctly. solverASSIST offers application support to help you improve your customer relationships and their experiences with your business.
  • Access IT and Business Expertise. solverASSIST takes a holistic approach to application support. We provide configuration support to administrate the application software and development support to build bespoke models for your business needs. Our team’s years of business and IT expertise make this possible.
  • Focus on Core Business Services. We provide application support, so you don’t need to carry that concern yourself. Your team can continue with their tasks, your ships can travel to and from ports, and the performance of your business’s applications is not your responsibility.
  • Reduce Chances of Failure. When your applications are maintained regularly, unexpected issues and application failures are less likely. Thus, there’s a greater chance your business operations can continue uninterrupted, and your customers and employees remain happy.
  • Save Time. You’re running a business and managing employees and assets across oceans and countries - it’s unlikely you have the time and energy to concern yourself with managing your business’s applications, too. And yet, application support is crucial, as we’ve seen, and is an ongoing job.With solverASSIST, you save time, energy, and stress by outsourcing application support to us.
  • Future-Proof Your Applications. Technology is constantly changing. Software updates are expected (and necessary for maintaining the security of your applications). No one can predict the future, but there is no doubt it will involve digitisation on an incredible scale. This is another reason your business could benefit from application support. Any outsourcing partner who provides support for your applications must be able to ensure those applications undergo relevant technical updates and keep providing value to your business in an increasingly digitised world.
  • Increase compliance. Your business could face devastating fines if your applications are not updated regularly to comply with regulations. But with application support from solverASSIST, you can rest assured those experts will ensure your applications are compliant.

solverASSIST’s Different Types of Application Support

We work hard to provide tailored support for any applications your business uses. The following are the four types of applications support solverASSIST offers:

Liner Application Support_1
  • Liner Application Support. With a background in the liner shipping domain, we bring a deep understanding of liner applications to this support service - offering robust liner application support for all your liner modules: Sales, CS, Equipment, Vessel Planning, Operations, Documentation and more.
Business Intelligence Application Support_1
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Application Support. You need the right data at the right time to make intelligent business decisions. Our team brings their years of experience in BI systems and database intricacies to provide BI application support that ensures your BI tools function seamlessly and data is available.
Financial Application Support_1
  • Financial Application Support. Your financial applications must work precisely as they provide data that goes into reports, which has to be accurate. solverASSIST’s team brings an understanding of financial systems to deliver financial application support that solves the applications’ problems and ensures that financial data is accessible.
Salesforce Application Support_1
  • Salesforce Application Support. solverASSIST offers ongoing maintenance support to help you get the most out of your Salesforce platform; this includes advising you on updates and troubleshooting.

Why Choose solverASSIST’s Application Support for Your Business

solverASSIST are experts in the maritime and logistics domain and possess a comprehensive understanding of the application process and application support needs, as well as business and technological expertise. This perfectly positions us to offer application support at a competitive rate. 

If you have questions about solverASSIST’s application support, please contact us