Top 10 Business Benefits To Outsourcing Your Help Desk

Services are essential among growing brands. Around 86% of service teams say a help desk system improves productivity. Additionally, among high-growth service teams, 51% are reliant on help desk systems ~ HubSpot.

A help desk helps diagnose and fix a problem when an end user has inquiries, requests or issues with a product or service.

What Are Outsourced Help Desk Services?

Help Desk Outsourcing is a service businesses offer to assist their clients in resolving issues or finding answers to problems that have already been identified.

Businesses employ outsourced IT help desk support services to give clients access 24 hours daily. With these services, you will be able to offer 24/7 help and convenience to customers.

Outsourcing Your Help Desk Will Solve The Following Problems:

  • Expensive in-house training 
  • Scaling the IT desk 
  • System Delays 
  • Bottlenecks
  • High demand, low performance
  • Downtime 
  • Unwanted malware and viruses

When you outsource help desk assistance to a company with experienced professionals, the level of service you receive will be on par with or better than what is offered to customers by your own company. Continue reading to find the solutions to the problems listed above.

Benefit #1 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Reduced Cost

The main advantage of outsourcing your helpdesk is that you will only pay for the required assistance. Because you don’t have to pay for additional in-house agents to address increases in call traffic, you can keep your helpdesk expenses down. 

A team that has been contracted out can access more resources as needed. You can save money and control your yearly running costs more effectively with a fixed-cost outsourcing contract.  This cost-saving method will allow you to spend more money investing in your business in other areas.

Benefit #2 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Improves Response Times

The quicker you can fix problems, the better your customer experience

This will also benefit your employees. Teams who provide assistance for outsourced help desks utilise various methods to handle issues quickly. For instance, remote access enables support staff to troubleshoot along with the user to identify the problem as soon as the user places the request. 

A service level agreement will also be part of an outsourcing deal; if the provider doesn’t fulfil expectations, you may hold them financially accountable. Additionally, you will have access to all the information required to evaluate supplier performance.

Benefit #3 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Access to More Resources

A plethora of resources will be available if you invest in outsourcing your help desk. Most businesses, tiny business enterprises, lack the financial flexibility to invest in cutting-edge IT hardware or adopt cutting-edge technological solutions. 

However, providers who manage technology will have a larger range of resources than the most recent ones. Enabling small enterprises to benefit from cutting-edge technology without carrying the financial burden of acquiring them helps level the playing pitch.

Benefit #4 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Flexible Levels Of Service

How much of your help desk operations you choose to outsource is entirely up to you. There is no all-or-nothing option. As an illustration, suppose that 80% of your service requests are regular issues that can be outsourced reasonably and that the other 20% are highly specialised for a service specific to your business. 

For the remaining highly specialised 20%, you may maintain a small, dedicated support team in-house while outsourcing helpdesk services for the remaining 80%. You’ll keep both sorts of clients satisfied in this way.

Benefit #5 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Enables Quick Adaptation To Changes In Demand

A successful campaign or product launch is fantastic for business expansion, but if there is an unexpected spike in client calls, it might be problematic for an internal IT help desk. An outsourced provider will have the capacity to scale up or down as necessary and can respond to this demand much more swiftly. 

When you rely solely on permanent internal resources, it is quite challenging to accomplish this effectively. This ease of adoption allows your business the freedom to reach its full potential in satisfying customers.

Benefit #6 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Assistance From Expertsces (APIs)

Although many internal support staff members mean well, they frequently lack the skills or background necessary to resolve all enquiries and issues that may arise successfully. Similar to resources, outsourced IT companies may provide an abundance of knowledge. You have a tactical edge when outsourcing your help desk since the IT professionals have a wide range of qualifications, training, and past work experience with companies like yours. 

One of their team members will most likely have the expertise and skill set to solve the issue when your company faces an IT difficulty. Your staff can concentrate on providing your consumers with the finest products and services while an outsourced IT help desk provider handles technical concerns.

Benefit #7 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Endless Innovation

Leading outsourced help desk services can also offer the most recent reporting and metrics solutions to track the performance of your business. 

By utilising them, you’ll learn more about the kind of support requests being sent to your helpdesk and important data like the average response time and first-call success rates.

The ability for IT workers to concentrate their skills on innovation and strategy is another advantage of outsourcing help desk services. New and cutting-edge technologies are always being developed that may speed up innovation in your company, from cloud computing to intelligent automation.

Outsourcing frees internal teams’ time so they may take advantage of new chances to improve business outcomes rather than scurrying to stay on top of minor technical difficulties.

Benefit #8 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Enables Your Company To Concentrate On Its Main Goals

Your executives and managers must be able to concentrate their efforts on enhancing your goods and services. People who deal with IT difficulties frequently have to take time away from their regular employment to solve or escalate faults. 

Utilising an outsourced help desk IT vendor relieves your teams of the responsibility for resolving these problems. Thanks to IT outsourcing, your in-house IT personnel may focus on strategic operations and revenue-generating initiatives instead of putting out support fires, which gives them more time to focus on the important stuff. The most recent technology is used by specialists to handle your clients’ problems and deliver assistance solutions more effectively and efficiently.

Benefit #9 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Flexibility

IT problems are unpredictable. For instance, the number of help desk calls during migration to a cloud solution would certainly rise. It is simple to scale resources up and down as demand changes by outsourcing support desk services.

This flexibility guarantees you never have to hustle to employ and train resources during an upsurge and ensure reliable assistance in any circumstance. It also manages expenses by allowing you to pay for resolved issues rather than maintaining expensive support staff with patchy results.

Benefit #10 of Outsourcing Help Desk: Customers Are Satisfied

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service ~ Helpscout

You will have peace of mind that your customers are taken care of. Many businesses employ outsourced help desk services, like call flow assistance, to attend to their customers’ requirements or provide technical support when they use the company website, make online purchases, or enquire about services. 

Employees may concentrate on their core competencies and everyday tasks by delegating this activity to an external source, which frees them from this load. Additionally, customers gain from resolving their issues immediately because this boosts customer satisfaction and helps the company draw in and keep customers.


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