Managed Services

Companies in the maritime and logistics industries manage complex operations and rely heavily on specialised technologies. However, managing these technologies often requires substantial resources, time, and industry-specific expertise. It is a cumbersome task when other areas of your business also demand attention. 

This is where solverASSIST steps in to provide Managed Services. 

What Are Managed Services?

solverASSIST's Managed Services is a one-stop-shop designed to handle every aspect of your IT and ITeS operations. Our offerings are a seamless blend of technology and industry expertise, providing support across diverse areas like issue resolution, maintenance, change management, monitoring and reporting, improvements, and strategic advisory. 

Our experts manage your complete technology stack for off-the-shelf products and platforms, thereby freeing your resources to focus on strategic business initiatives. 

Do I Need Managed Services?

You may hesitate to invest in Managed Services from a managed service provider like solverASSIST because you fear losing control over your IT infrastructure. Maybe you’re also worried about data security, or sceptical about a managed service provider's understanding of your industry-specific needs. 

Additionally, it’s easy to perceive transitioning to a managed service model as complex and hold doubts about the return on investment. 

But, if you find yourself answering 'No' to any of the following questions, it may be time to consider solverASSIST's Managed Services:

  • Are frequent system downtimes disrupting your business operations?
  • Is your in-house IT team over-capacity, struggling to manage daily operations and strategic initiatives?
  • Do you have robust security measures in place to protect your business from growing cyber threats?
  • Are changes and updates in your IT systems being managed efficiently and timeously?
  • Does your current IT service provider understand the unique needs of the shipping and logistics industry?
  • Is your IT infrastructure capable of scaling smoothly in line with your business growth?

The Challenges Without solverASSIST’s Managed Services

Maintaining a reliable and adaptable IT infrastructure is paramount. It is also an overwhelming and time-consuming task. Without expert Managed Services like those provided by solverASSIST, you may face the following challenges that hamper your business’s growth and operational efficiency:

  • Frequent System Downtime.Without dedicated IT support, businesses can experience regular system downtime. This can lead to operational inefficiencies and financial losses.

    For example, a freight company that faces frequent network outages that interrupt their services can lead to significant customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.

  • Overstretched In-house IT Teams. As your business grows, the demands on your in-house IT team increase. Often, they become overstretched, leading to a lack of focus on strategic initiatives. This hampers your business’s ability to grow.

  • Inadequate Security Measures. With the rise in cyber threats, your business needs robust security measures and constant monitoring. If you suffer a massive data breach, it will cost you financially and damage your reputation.

  • Inefficient Change Management. The shipping industry is rapidly evolving, necessitating regular updates and changes to IT systems. If you can’t keep pace with these changes, you could be left with outdated IT systems and reduced efficiency.

  • Lack of Domain-Specific IT Support. IT needs vary from industry to company, depending on the size and demands of the company. You need a Managed Services provider who understands your specific needs.

  • Inability To Scale. As your business expands, your IT infrastructure must grow too. Without Managed Services, you’ll likely be unprepared and ill-informed to support that growth.
solverASSIST is a manged service provider

Why Choose solverASSIST’s Managed Services?

When you choose solverASSIST, you're choosing a partner that takes complete ownership of technology decisions while aligning them with your business objectives.

You're not merely outsourcing your IT tasks. You're partnering with a team of experts who will work with you, advise you, and ensure that your IT infrastructure supports your business growth.

Enjoy the following benefits when you choose solverASSIST’s Managed Services:

  • Deep Industry Knowledge. solverASSIST's extensive experience in the shipping and logistics sectors allows for a comprehensive understanding of the specific challenges and requirements within these industries and, thus, your company.

    We believe that to understand your problem, we must understand your business. And to understand your business, we need to understand your industry.

  • Holistic Support. As a one-stop shop, solverASSIST covers all technology functions, from issue support and maintenance to monitoring, reporting, improvement, and advisory. This ensures quick resolution of issues, as we understand the interdependencies between various systems.

  • Cost-Effective. Managing multiple vendors can be costly, and contract management can quickly become complex. With a single managed service provider such as solverASSIST, you not only have to deal with one provider, but you have access to their resources and expertise - which adds long-term value and saves you money.

  • Strategic Technology Consulting. solverASSIST’s Managed Services include strategic technology advice that aligns with your business goals.

  • Adoption of Best Practices Our use of the ITIL V4 framework ensures that best-in-class approaches are adopted for seamless service delivery.

    For a freight forwarder facing repeated system failures and inefficiencies, solverASSIST could standardise its IT processes using the ITIL V4 framework. The result: reduced system downtime and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Greater Security. solverASSIST ensures that your IT systems are secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations. We provide a holistic view of the technology ecosystem and can implement robust security measures across your entire technology stack, offering better protection against cyber threats.

  • Focus on Core Business. By handling the complete technology stack, solverASSIST allows you to focus on your business’s core competencies.

    For example, consider a container shipping company that spends significant resources on IT management. With solverASSIST’s Managed Services, their internal teams can refocus on improving their core services and increasing customers.

  • Scalability. As your business grows, your technology stack needs to scale too. solverASSIST can efficiently manage this growth and ensure smooth operations irrespective of your business size.

    If a logistics company experiences sudden growth due to e-commerce demand. solverASSIST can prepare its IT infrastructure to handle the increased load; thus, the company can capitalise on new business opportunities without any technological constraints.

Key factors include the provider's industry-specific experience, security measures, scalability options, and the cost-effectiveness of their service packages.

Data security should remain a priority, whether in-house or outsourced. A reliable managed service provider should be compliant with industry standards and offer robust cybersecurity measures.

Unlike traditional IT services that often operate on a break-fix model, managed services provide ongoing support and can proactively monitor and make improvements to your IT infrastructure.

Yes, one of the main advantages of managed services is their scalability. As your business grows, an effective service provider should be able to adapt services accordingly.

No. A reputable managed service provider, such as solverASSIST, will work in tandem with your existing teams and align strategies with your business objectives.

The cost will vary depending on the scope of your requirement. While there is an upfront cost, managed services can offer long-term cost savings by reducing downtime, improving efficiency, and eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

You should expect detailed reports that cover performance metrics, issue resolution, and strategic insights, helping you make informed business decisions.

Many managed service providers offer strategic advisory services that can help you align your technology needs with your overall business goals.

Usually, the process begins with an assessment of your existing infrastructure, followed by a gap analysis to identify areas of improvement. A customized service plan is then developed.

Absolutely. Managed services are often used to fill in gaps or handle tasks outside the expertise or capacity of in-house teams.

Yes, many managed service providers offer solutions that can support a geographically dispersed team, ensuring data integrity and secure access to business resources.

The ROI will vary depending on the scale and scope of services but think about increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and the ability to focus on core business tasks as key returns.

Strengthen and Support Your Technology Infrastructure With Managed Services

In a landscape where technology and industry demands are in constant flux, trying to manage it all single-handedly can stretch your business thin. solverASSIST serves as your guide, partner, and navigator in this complex journey, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is a support function and a critical element that propels your business forward. 

We remove the burden of technology management from your shoulders, transforming your challenges into strategic opportunities for growth. Let us steer your technological ship towards smoother, more efficient waters.