Optimize Salesforce with Application Support in the Maritime Industry

A prominent entity in the maritime and SCM (Supply Chain Management) industries reached out to solverASSIST when they required support for their Salesforce application. Our solverASSIST team quickly stepped in to help the client optimize Salesforce and harness its full capabilities.  

The Challenges

Prior to our intervention, the client faced substantial challenges in managing their Salesforce application. Their technical team was addressing core application issues, which meant there were few experts on-hand to manage additional business operation queries. This led to a layered and inefficient communication process for ticket resolution. Furthermore, many non-technical issues were left unresolved, placing the responsibility on users to find solutions for themselves. 

Our Approach to Optimize Salesforce

solverASSIST’s strategy to optimize Salesforce was to first adapt to the evolving business needs of our client. We trained their Salesforce executive support team in domain-specific solutions, enabling them to provide basic support to end users. 

This initiative not only helped in ticket resolution but also enriched the client’s knowledge databank, transforming it into a comprehensive self-service FAQ resource.

The Benefits

The client witnessed several benefits from solverASSIST’s Salesforce application support:

  • Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT). This led to a higher customer satisfaction rate.
  • Empowered Users. Our Salesforce experts provided detailed clarifications and training on complex issues, facilitating better user understanding and adaptation of the Salesforce application.
  • Technical Issue Resolution. Despite the primary focus on application support, our team also addressed second-level technical issues to improve application performance.
  • Increased Productivity. Through a traffic flow study, we enhanced the productivity of the Salesforce tool, improving customer conversion rates and providing our client with a clear view of these conversions.
  • Integrated Functionality. The client could integrate their main commercial application with Salesforce, giving their sales team a consolidated view of sales and conversions.

Do you want to spend less time worrying about technology, processes, and applications? Leave it in the hands of our maritime and technology experts. We will help you optimize Salesforce and other key applications. 

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