IT Help Desk Case Study in the Maritime and Supply Chain Management Industries

Our client is a distinguished figure in the maritime and SCM (Supply Chain Management) industries, operating out of Germany but providing container shipping services to a global market. Their large scale operations meant they required sufficient support to maintain their help desk functions.

The solverASSIST team rose to the task. Transforming from a mere vendor to a development partner, we navigated through initial challenges to implement a working methodology tailored for the client. Read through this IT help desk case study to learn how we did it. 

The Challenges 

Before engaging with solverASSIST, the client’s help desk support was managed by IT staff who treated user incident reports as a low-priority, secondary task. This approach often resulted in a mismatch between technical issues and user comprehension. Recognizing this gap, solverASSIST stepped in to transform technical information into user-friendly, actionable information that the client’s end-users would understand. 

Our Approach 

solverASSIST’s approach was systematic and in-depth. We began by understanding the client’s core issues and their broader impact. This included a detailed analysis of the project environment to anticipate and address potential challenges. 

The Benefits 

At solverASSIST, we don’t just offer help desk support; we form strategic partnerships that foster long-term business growth and offer value at every stage. By the end of this project, we had delivered the following benefits: 

  • Strategic IT Management. With solverASSIST manning the IT help desk, the client could redirect their focus to developing and upgrading their existing legacy systems. 
  • Timely Incident Resolution. We established a customer-centric help desk that ensured timely resolution of incidents, governed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs). This proactive communication meant customers rarely needed to follow up on issues.
  • Continual Improvement. Regular reviews of incident reports and pattern analysis enabled continuous improvement in our service delivery.
  • Global Support. solverASSIST’s round-the-clock support accommodated the diverse time zones of the client’s global workforce, enhancing their ability to meet end-customer demands and improve billing processes. This not only boosted revenue but also established greater credibility with partners and customers.
  • Customized ITIL Framework Adoption. We adapted the ITIL framework to suit the client’s unique challenges, demonstrating our ability to tailor best practice guidelines to specific business needs. This adaptability supported the client’s decision to reallocate IT development resources to upgrade their in-house tools.

Looking for a partner to elevate your help desk support and IT operations? Contact solverASSIST today and discover how our bespoke solutions can transform your customer service experience.