Financial Application Support in the Maritime Industry

A leading maritime and SCM (Supply Chain Management) company reached out to solverASSIST for financial application support services. Since the client catered to a global market, they could not afford to compromise the functionality of their financial applications. 

Our solverASSIST team recognized the client’s existing inefficiencies and identified the need for a structured and responsive support system. 

Read the financial application support case study to learn how we assisted this client.  

The Challenge

Prior to our involvement, the client lacked a dedicated support setup for their financial applications. This gap forced them to rely on internal technical experts for support, leading to delayed solutions since the experts were being pulled away from their application development activities. 

Another challenge was that the client’s support was only limited to European Union (EU) business hours; this proved problematic when it came to responding to customers and ensuring timely resolution of issues.  

The Approach

Understanding the global footprint of our client, we acknowledged the necessity of constant availability. Our strategic response was to implement a 24×6 day support system, tailored to the flow of incoming support tickets.

Our approach involved an in-depth analysis of ticket flows and their associated components. This methodology enabled us to identify and address specific areas of concern effectively.

A unique aspect of our approach was the integration of Financial (FI) and Material Management (MM) support. This innovative blend of technical consultants, capable of navigating multiple modules, offered our client a cost-effective and comprehensive solution. 

The Results

A notable improvement in the client’s operations was the optimization of their vendor payment approval process. Initially, the configuration set up by their technical team did not account for the high volume of related support tickets. This led to delays in vendor payments. Upon identifying this issue, solverASSIST could implement a re-triggering mechanism for approvals, significantly reducing delays and improving operational efficiency.

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