Liner Application Support Services in Supply Chain Management

A leading maritime and supply chain management organization in Germany, needed support for their in-house developed liner application, Refabove. They called upon solverASSIST, known for their domain knowledge and expertise in IT and ITeS solutions and application support services, to enhance the effectiveness of these liner applications. 

Why Did Our Client Require Liner Application Support Services?

The Refabove application was constantly evolving through ongoing research and development by the client’s internal team, tailored to meet their specific business needs. However, it required the right level of support and expertise to ensure it functioned properly within the business’s unique context. 

solverASSIST was tasked with providing support for the application. The support was not limited to specific functions such as sales, customer service, equipment management, or documentation. We took a strategic approach by dividing the application support into minor groups, enabling the creation of expert support resources. These experts were not only proficient in handling support queries but also deeply understood the interconnected modules and business verticals within the application.

How Liner Application Support Services Enhanced Operational Efficiency For Our Client

The structured support system allowed the solverASSIST team to go beyond just resolving reported issues. We also played a pivotal role in adding value by offering additional information to the end users. This training was designed as preventive information, equipping users with the knowledge to be self-sufficient in handling similar issues in the future. 

Another key advantage was the enhancement of operational efficiency through domain-specific knowledge. Our team not only understood the application workflow in-depth but also could communicate effectively with the business users in a language that resonated with their operational and industry context. 

Furthermore, a great advantage for the client was continuous support. Through solverASSIST’s partnership, the client successfully achieved 24x7x365 support for their application users worldwide. This constant availability of support is particularly vital in the maritime industry, where time-sensitive operations are the norm. This comprehensive support structure also reduced potential downtimes and improved productivity. 

Do your liner applications require specialized support? Our hands-on application support services can provide what you need. At solverASSIST, we believe in going beyond immediate fixes to redefine processes and empower users.

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