How IT Support Services Transformed Technology Implementation in the Maritime Industry

Adopting new technology specific to your industry requires a long-term investment, not just in terms of financial resources but also in commitment from management to optimize and maintain the new system effectively. At the core of this transformation is the need for specialized IT support

solverASSIST recently helped a large organization based in Germany to successfully adopt and integrate niche technology. This client provides container shipping services to supply chain management and maritime industries.

Let’s take a closer look at this project.

Which Niche Technologies Need IT Support Services?

In this case, our client had adopted specialized technologies like the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, and Blue Prism (a Robotic Process Automation). These niche technologies, when implemented and utilized correctly, are pivotal for data analysis, integration, and automation.

However, when our client began the implementation process, unforeseen gaps emerged. This led to solverASSIST’s involvement, initially for monitoring tasks. Our role then evolved from providing proactive alerts to encompass troubleshooting and support services based on the issues we identified and the client’s continuous feedback.

Challenges of Adopting Niche Technologies without IT Support Services

When a business decides to adopt niche technologies, it often encounters specific challenges. These challenges can impede successful technology adoption and integration. Perhaps you can relate. Yet understanding these challenges is the first step to developing effective strategies to overcome them.

  • Limited Visibility into the Technology Landscape. One of the main hurdles in adopting niche technology is the lack of clear visibility into the complex landscape of existing technologies. You might find it challenging to comprehend how these specialized technologies can be integrated with your current systems and processes.
  • Skill Set Gap. Niche technologies often require specialized knowledge and skills that may not be readily available within your organization. This skill gap can lead to difficulties in effectively implementing and managing these technologies.
  • Increased Costs for Adaptation. The adoption of niche technologies often comes with increased costs. This includes the expenses related to acquiring the technology, training staff, and implementing necessary changes to existing systems. 

Our Approach to IT Support Services

In approaching this particular project, solverASSIST’s methodology followed a structured path. Initially, we focused on understanding the principal problem statement, delving into its nuances and implications. 

Subsequently, we conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s landscape to grasp the broader context and identify potential challenges. Throughout the project, we demonstrated tangible value to the client.

The Benefits of IT Support for Niche Technologies

solverASSIST’s involvement marked a turning point in how the client was handling error logs. The result: enhanced application performance and developer collaboration in the organization.

solverASSIST took over the ELK project’s development and support, introducing a system where error logs from various applications within the ecosystem were automatically collected. This automation marked a departure from traditional, tedious manual log analysis methods.

We also ensured these logs were not just collected; they were organized and converted into visual dashboards. These dashboards provided an intuitive and clear overview of the issues, making them an invaluable tool for application development teams. They allowed these teams to quickly identify and address errors, streamlining the troubleshooting process.

However, the real power of this system was in its ability to turn data into actionable insights. The analysis of the error logs was used to inform and guide performance upgrades across the applications. Our client could enjoy a great improvement in overall functionality.

Embracing niche technologies with the right IT support can enhance your business’s efficiency and innovation. It’s about making technology work for you, simplifying complex integrations, and filling the gaps in skill and knowledge within your team.Let’s talk about how you can make the most of your technology investments.

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