The Complete Guide to Outsourcing Computer Support for Your Business in 2023

With the appropriate third-party support, your company can improve the quality and speed of your service provision to clients, and earn yourself a good reputation and an even better ROI. That’s the power of outsourcing, specifically in today’s digital computer support. A staggering 92% of the top 2,000 public companies worldwide outsource IT. But is it the right move for you?

In 2023, technology will drive a company’s success, competitive advantage, and operational efficiency. It’s essential, yet something you take for granted. Often, you don’t even think about it. That is until it fails you. Until your machinery breaks, until your internal and external communication channels falter, or until your vessels can’t deliver products to customers because of some seemingly minor IT issue your employees are ill-equipped to resolve. 

If the thought of any of those disasters makes you panic, it could be time to start outsourcing your computer support services to a trusted partner. 

Reasons Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Computer Support Services

Outsourcing computer support is rapidly growing globally. It is particularly prevalent in businesses that want to hand-pick companies of their desired specialisations rather than recruit individuals internally. 

By outsourcing your services through a company that provides specialised computer support, your business has more resources and capacity to focus on your core services and distribute those core services among qualified staff members.

Companies choose to outsource computer support when they want to guarantee that all underlying technical components of their business are effectively maintained, saving time and money. Maybe you can relate to that need.  

Technical support services can save your business time by giving employees 24/7 access to help whenever a technical challenge occurs. After all, a business can lose valuable hours from server issues and system component complications when employees are not equipped to navigate or resolve them. 

Here are several more reasons why a company should outsource computer support rather than attempt to manage all processes internally:

  • Your staff members are under unmanageable pressure and are forced to multitask outside their job descriptions.
  • Your busines is financially strained and struggling to meet employee and customer needs.
  • Local candidates are unsuitable for hiring, and finding individuals who can fulfil their roles within the company is a challenge.
  • Your company operations are stagnant, and routine tasks take up all available time, leaving little room for innovation.
  • Your business operations are inflexible, and the rigidity of the company is causing an inability to address and adapt to economic and internal challenges.
  • Your hiring and training costs are high, especially when there is high employee turnover caused by inevitable overworking.
  • Full-time salaries are draining the business, when you could simply outsource multiple tasks at a single cost.

Which Services Should My Company Outsource?

Consider which services or business processes cost the most time and resources. Those are the services you should outsource. 

Three services under the computer support category include the following:

Middleware support services

Middleware connects applications, data, and users. Companies that use middleware depend upon it to work faultlessly, as their operations rely on integrated processes and effective cross-communication between different departments. Computer support services for your middleware technologies will maintain their functionality.

Monitoring services

Monitoring support services ensure that all underlying applications, such as servers, system components and technology components, run smoothly, as these are core components of existing systems that are often neglected.

Managed Support Services

Computer support services, particularly managed support services, handle the complete technology stack of products purchased off the shelf. These services offer comprehensive handling of maintenance, improvement, reporting, and change handling for a hassle-free technology experience.

Empower your Business with Technical Support

The Different Types of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is divided into three primary models: offshore, onshore, and nearshore outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing is when one company outsources its services and/or processes to a company in a different country. Onshore outsourcing is when a company outsources to a company within its own country. 

As you’ve probably guessed, nearshore outsourcing is outsourcing to another company in a nearby country. 

  • Onshore outsourcing benefits from the two companies' proximity, making communication easier. Another benefit is that both companies are subject to the same regulations. However, a downside to onshore outsourcing is that high labour costs usually make it a more expensive option.

  • Nearshore outsourcing also benefits from ease of communication and coordination.

  • Offshore outsourcing’s primary benefit is cost savings, as labour costs are generally lower in developing countries (for example). Unfortunately, offshore outsourcing can also face the challenge of cultural differences, time zone differences, and communication. 

How to Approach Computer Support for Your Business

It’s crucial to know when to outsource computer support for your business, but the how is just as important as the why. Outsourcing any service or process comes with risks and requires careful consideration. But if you conduct thorough research, you can avoid common pitfalls such as poor communication, questions about quality, and a complete loss of control. 

A specialised company that communicates well and prioritises customer satisfaction is the ideal candidate for computer support services. In addition, good organisational skills must be demonstrated from the get-go for a business to be deemed reliable. 

When you select the right outsourcing partner, you also take that first step to build a strong, dependable long-term relationship that benefits your company. 

Before outsourcing your computer support services, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it costing you too much time and money to maintain your technologies internally?

  • Are technical crises damaging your employees’ morale and customer satisfaction rates?

  • Is your employees’ time getting swallowed up with tiresome, non-essential technical tasks?

  • Are you confident in your internal team’s ability to manage and resolve catastrophic technical issues if they arise? Or would you feel better if an expert took over?

Empower Your Business in 2023 by Outsourcing Computer Support Services.

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