solverASSIST Provides ITS Help Desk Support Services

solverASSIST is a B2B IT & ITeS service provider; we offer personalised service models that include dedicated services tailored to suit the requirements of your business. As technology advances rapidly, it can force your hand and the need to upgrade your legacy systems to newer technology and tools. These changes can bring challenges as your customers must adapt to the new interfaces and technology. Your ITS help desk is integral in helping your customers solve their technical issues through a single contact touchpoint. Suppose you want to modernise your ITS help desk and service desk functionality while refocusing your company’s IT efforts toward innovation and digitisation. In that case, solverASSIST is the trusted IT and ITeS service partner your business needs.

What Is an ITS Help Desk

An ITS help desk, otherwise known as an IT service or help desk, is a communications centre that facilitates contact between a company and its employees, business partners and customers. The primary function of an ITS help desk is to assist end-users at all touch points through the entire product or service lifecycle and promptly resolve any queries or complications that might arise. At solverASSIST, we build tailored service and help desk support models to fit the specific requirements of your business. Our ITS help desk approach combines the right people, processes and technology to deliver extensive help-service desk support while adhering to the ITIL V4 service management framework

Why You Need an ITS Help Desk

Implementing an efficient ITS help desk is vital to any successful business operation. An ITS help desk provides quick and effective resolutions for end-user queries which would otherwise negatively impact service delivery and business operations.

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Implementing ITS help desk functionality in your business can significantly reduce operational downtime related to customer support services. ITS help desk support services and software prioritise technical issues based on their category, nature and level of criticality, which enables expert support technicians to multitask and deal with each case accordingly.

Outsourcing your ITS help desk support services to solverASSIST can help you modernise your help and service desk functionality while refocusing your IT teams to boost operational efficiency and reinforce customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. Furthermore, having a full-service ITS help desk remains critical to businesses wanting to offer a holistic spectrum of services; the decision comes down to choosing the right option for your company between a help desk and a service desk.

How to Choose an ITS Help Desk Support Partner

Understanding how customers view your business and evaluating customer data based on their responses is critical to retaining long-term customer loyalty. A key area that most businesses neglect in this process is their ITS help desk support partner.

Selecting the right ITS help desk support partner is integral to reinforcing customer confidence and can directly contribute to the success of your business, as your ITS help desk services do more than deal with customer queries and resolve problems. These systems should relay vital customer data to applications like your customer relationship management (CRM) system for sales or your business intelligence (BI) stores for analytics integration. Otherwise, you may fall significantly behind your competitors if you do not utilise this data to improve your services.

There are several factors to remember when selecting a trusted ITS help desk support partner, like solverASSIST:

Assess Your Budget

Depending on the size and scope of your operation, you may require a considerable or minimal amount of ITS help desk support from a capable IT and ITeS service provider. Your ITS help desk will act as a critical customer-facing touchpoint, so it is important not to underspend when considering your options.

It would help if you built a metric that calculates your total cost per ticket or incident, the amount spent on each customer call. You can calculate this by dividing your ITS help desk operating expenses by the total ticket volume over any period. With an accurate idea of how much you currently spend on in-house help desks service, you can ascertain how needed outsourcing these services will be for your business.

Decide Between On-Premise or Cloud-Based Services

When choosing an ITS help desk support partner, there are two basic types of help desk services; on-premise software and cloud-based SaaS solutions. You will install on-premises software locally on a server that requires a separate purchase. A third-party provider like solverASSIST will host and manage cloud-based solutions remotely through the cloud. Cloud-based solutions are typically the preferred option due to reduced costs and service flexibility. The nature of your business operation will dictate which is better for you.

Evaluate Ticket Management Systems

Most companies spend little time assessing their ticket management systems and remain complacent with the software’s constraints. Many solutions are available, and all the platforms manage tickets in different ways.

You and your ITS help desk administrators must evaluate your current ticketing process to ascertain whether it remains efficient for your business. Efficient ticket management features should allow you to set priorities, assignments, and categories and accurately track status changes. If you are unsure of your choice, you can always schedule a consultation with a ITS help desk support partner such as solverASSIST for greater clarity on their services.

Utilise Your Customer Knowledge Base

Your customer service knowledge base is an amalgamation of data acquired directly from your customers and their interactions with your business. You can use this repository of information to ascertain where specific issues in your customer service delivery and ITS help desk support commonly occur.

Customer knowledge bases come in many forms depending on the size and scope of your operation. Common ones include word documents, spreadsheets and Google Drive folders; however, larger corporate companies also use extensive online databases and websites with answers to customer FAQS. When choosing an ITS help desk support partner, you must decide the level of accessibility to the knowledge base for your customers and employees.

Typically the best level of accessibility allows your customers to find answers without creating a ticket.

solverASSIST provides extensive IT operations management and ITS help desk support to assist you in modernising your help desk to ensure excellent customer service while refocusing your IT teams to boost operational efficiency.

What ITS Help Desk Services Does solverASSIST Provide?

At solverASSIST, we offer ITS help desk support under two major sub-categories; help-service desk support and escalation management.

Help-Service Desk Support

ITS help and service desk support typically involves managing incidents and service requests and facilitating communication with end-users. At solverASSIST, we provide customisable ITS help-service desk functionality that runs on a level-based system. Level One deals with employee, customer and any end-user queries, while Level Two and Level Three cover technical support queries related to your service or product and software or IT infrastructure. Our ITS help-service desk team has experience with all the current ITSM tools like ServiceNow and Jira. Using their expertise, they can competently resolve and provide quick-fix solutions to any queries or technical issues that might cause complications for your product or service end-users.

Escalation Management

Escalation management is the business process centred around prioritising and resolving customer service concerns. The process typically involves ranking issues based on severity and ensuring the right employees address these issues in the appropriate order. Resolving technical problems can often take longer than expected and cause extended operational downtime. At solverASSIST, we provide escalation management solutions to quickly resolve critical issues that are often time-sensitive or require specific domain knowledge. All our available technology and service solutions strictly adhere to the ITIL V4 service management framework.


Benefits of ITS Help Desk Support for Your Business

Implementing ITS help desk support functionality in your business is a powerful tool to facilitate workflow and bolster customer confidence through efficient customer support. However, partnering with a trusted IT and ITeS partner like solverASSIST will also benefit your business. Some of these benefits include

1. Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The first benefit of implementing an ITS help desk in your business is that it enhances operational efficiency. Your ITS help desk will serve as a central hub for all customer service communications and demands received from end-users. A central touch point mitigates the constant need to deal with slow-moving parts at different service touch points, which would otherwise prevent an efficient workflow. Therefore implementing an ITS help desk in your business can dramatically boost operational efficiency and reduce operational downtime in the event of an incident.

2. Seamless Customer Service Experience

The second benefit of implementing an ITS help desk in your business is that it should provide end-users with a seamless customer service experience. Customer service is the main priority for most customers and can significantly affect short-term customer satisfaction and long-term customer loyalty. A seamless customer service experience means your end-users should experience consistency in communications, uniformity across all platforms and a prompt response time. By providing your customers with a seamless experience, you can reinforce customer confidence and long-term loyalty and boost your company’s service reputation to attract new customers.

3. Boosted Business Productivity

The third benefit of implementing an ITS help desk is that it can boost overall business productivity. By implementing many of the automation features of an ITS help desk, you can prioritise the flow of information from end users and allow your employees to work efficiently without any issues. Business productivity will naturally increase due to the improved efficiency and automation provided by your ITS help desk.

4. Efficient Problem Resolution

The fourth benefit of implementing an ITS help desk is efficient problem resolution for your business should any issues arise. Your ITS help desk also deals with incident management. Through efficient escalation management processes, all problems go through tracking, analysis and flagging the appropriate employees for a quick resolution. Therefore, implementing an ITS help desk significantly reduces your business’s operational downtime.

5. Reinforced Database of Information

The fifth benefit of implementing an ITS help desk is that it provides the advantage of a vast database of information. This database stores information about past queries, which saves time when dealing with similar issues that arise in the future. You can continue to grow this wealth of knowledge and use it to create troubleshooting FAQs and surveys for end-users and internal education for new staff members that join your business over time.

Why Choose solverASSIST as Your ITS Help Desk Support Partner

ITS help desk support forms the bottom line of any successful customer service support for your business. Without an efficient ITS help desk, your business cannot manage and streamline end-user queries or deal with any complaints that might arise; this will significantly impact your business reputation. Partnering with solverASSIST as your trusted IT and ITeS service partner will provide you with the ITS help desk support your business needs to thrive in your respective industry.

Do you want to boost customer confidence and generate long-term customer loyalty for your business? Contact solverASSIST today and let us help you realise your business ambitions.