How Your Business Can Benefit From Working With an ITeS Company

According to Webinar Care (2022), approximately 79% of customers consider personalised customer support more important than personalised marketing. Help Scout (2022) adds that 78% of customers worldwide would choose the same company again based on their customer service experience, even if the company failed to deliver their product or service in the past. Based on these statistics, the need for an IT service desk is imperative to the success of any business, especially regarding customer service delivery. Supporting research gathered by Salesforce (2022) stated that 89% of customers would make a second purchase after having a positive customer service experience. Data from Hubspot (2022) supported this, saying that approximately 93% of customers would repeatedly engage with companies that offer excellent customer service. With the rapid advancement of technology providing ample opportunities for innovation in customer service delivery and robotic process automation enhancing these service desk processes, businesses can provide excellent customer service that reinforces customer confidence and builds long-term loyalty.

What Is ITeS?

According to BYJU'SBYJU'S (2022), the full-form definition of ITeS is information technology-enabled services; other common names include web-enabled services or remote services. ITeS uses a broad range of approaches, processes and services incorporating IT and intelligent automation to improve the efficiency of businesses worldwide. ITeS companies outsource these services to other organisations via the internet or telecommunications to help boost efficiency and improve their overall service delivery. 

What Is an ITeS Company?

Wise Geek (2022) considers a company that outsources its services through the internet or via electronic communication and uses IT technology and processes at all touchpoints of its service delivery as an ITeS company. ITeS companies outsource their services to businesses in need of technical support; some of these processes and services include


Back-office operations

Call centre and customer service delivery_1

Call centre and customer service delivery

Business process outsourcing_1

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Game process outsourcing_1

Game process outsourcing (GPO)

knowledge process outsourcing_1

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)

legal process outsourcing_1

Legal process outsourcing (LPO)

Logistics management_1

Logistics management

ITeS companies use their available technology to support and deliver results where the task would remain unmanageable without IT, typically in situations requiring extensive data processing to achieve the desired results.

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Benefits Provided by ITeS Companies

An ITeS company outsources their technology services to other companies to help improve efficiency and streamline their processes; this gives companies unfettered access to technology and intelligent automation and gives them a competitive edge over their competitors. Some of these benefits include:

Increased Flexibility

Outsourced IT services from an ITeS company can significantly increase your business's flexibility through business process outsourcing; by outsourcing these processes, you free up time from micro-level tasks to focus more on macro-level business strategies and functions. ITeS companies and their respective vendors offer their services fee-for-service (FFS). This payment model means that ITeS companies charge separately for each service performed, and the client is responsible for paying accordingly. This payment model helps you change your costing structure from a fixed cost structure to a variable cost structure; variable costing allows your business to adapt to market changes quickly.

Improved Resources Management

Outsourced IT services from an ITeS company can also allow for more excellent dispersion of human resources in your business. Staff who you previously assigned to administrative processes and non-core operations can now focus on core business tasks, or you can set greater priority tasks that focus on the growth of your business rather than maintenance.

Boosted Efficiency

The primary benefit of outsourced IT services from an ITeS company is that it increases the speed of business processes and boosts overall efficiency. ITeS companies use various techniques and strategies, such as linear programming to decrease inventory levels and production time; this increases efficiency and provides additional control over your business costs. Furthermore, the effective use of BPO and supply chain management (SCM) and chain partners will significantly increase the speed of all business processes.

Opportunities When Engaging with an ITeS Company

The working environment remains highly competitive due to globalisation, rapid technological advancement, the proliferation of the internet and the economic and business conditions in constant flux. Technology no longer only supports corporations; now, it plays a significant role in transforming them. Companies worldwide now rely on offshore and online ITeS service providers to meet their need for quality and cost-effective technology solutions.

Engaging with a reliable ITeS company or ITeS service provider can present your business with several opportunities in the ITeS industry; some of these include:

  • The means to create and maintain a premium global service delivery model that provides quality online services to your customers 
  • The opportunity to cultivate and develop effective end-to-end solutions and service offerings that give your company a competitive industry advantage
  • The means to effortlessly scale your business when the opportunity arises
  • The necessary tools to manage business revenue and expenses should an economic downturn arise
  • The opportunity to expand your customer network across business verticals; doing so will significantly reduce over-dependency and the risk of losing substantial market share
  • The means to reinforce superior project management methodology that remains in line with global quality standards
  • The tools to ensure accurate service execution and achieve the highest customer satisfaction in the shortest possible time

Ultimately, your choice of ITeS company or ITeS service provider will determine your business's future success and longevity; this means you must perform the necessary research and choose wisely.

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